21 Day Happiness Challenge

by Kim Knesek

21 Day Happiness Challenge 

It is time for you to see how you can shift how you feel, see the world and respond to the inevitable challenges we face.

Happiness actually gives you an advantage in life as it gives people all the permission, they need to finally prioritize taking control of their thoughts and putting in the work to be happy.

We all know the main motivating factor behind any goal is happiness. It can be focusing on or weight, health, emotions, relationships, jobs finances ect. We are focusing on what we think we will feel when we achieve this goal (happiness). 
We feel more productive and likely to work towards these when we have positive feelings rather than doom, dread or stress. 
So what if you set a goal, and felt happiness as you work towards it? Celebrated all the small steps? When you feel happiness you will continue to work on it and help manifest results faster. 
So if you commit to 21 days of habits to help you control your feelings, focus on happiness for as little as 60 seconds and continue to follow all positive thoughts thereafter you should see that you can shift your perception and create the life you desire. 
Below are  3 habits you can try during your challenge. Feel free to print the tracker, or screenshot it and keep it electronically

This is something I do at the start and end of my day. Think of at least 3 things you are grateful for that day.  Even at the end of the day to think of those helps you feel happiness, go to sleep feeling that and waking up to start again! You brain will look for things to be grateful for and help put negative thoughts on the backburner. 

All it takes is as little as 2 minutes a day to slow your brains busy activity to let go and be present. When you stop your mind from replaying the past or stressing about the future you pause, be present and can help you listen to your intution easier. Again this helps release negative thinking and find focus to reduce worry, stress and anxiety. (You can download a free mediation app or on youtube) 

Happy Self Talk - Journeling 
One of the key components to happiness is self-love. You are always with yourself, listening to your inner dialogue, and are directly impacted by your beliefs. So you understand why self-love is so important to your happiness it is easier to speak in a way to yourself that feels good. Remind yourself you are doing well, tell yourself you rock when you hit a goal, be proud of all your efforts.  It doesnt have to be anything grand, even a note on the fridge or mirror that reminds you that you are awesome!!! 

The best way to predict your future is to create it - Abraham Lincoln