4 Ways to Protect Your Energy!

by Kim Knesek

Most of us are aware that what we consume in terms of what we eat and drink, if we exercise, and how much time we spend outdoors, what we watch , and how it has a real impact on our energy levels. However, not everyone realizes the effect other individuals have on our energy.
Do you ever notice how spending time with one person, and after leaving, we feel revitalized, happy positive? Then, we leave other people you feel drained and exhausted without knowing why. Your energy is important and so is protecting it!
One of the things I teach clients most often is how to protect their energy!
Below are 4 Ways You Can Protect Your Energy Daily!!! 
4 ways to protect your energy

Grounding - Connecting with the energy of the earth helps align your body leaving no room for negative to stay. Go walk barefoot on the ground. Visualize yourself walking barefoot if unable to. Hug a tree or place your hands on it. Feel the vibration and healing energy hit all aspects of your physical body from your feet to your crown. Try to do this daily or as needed before being around people!

Cleansing - Take a shower, take a foot soak, thank your water and drink it visualize is healing and cleansing you. Go be near a body of water. Cleanse your house by burning herbs like sage, mugwort or bayleaves.

Sheild - Strengthen your energetic boundaries by using your minds eye to protect you in an energy bubble/shield from absorbing any negative vibes. Speak to your angels and guides and ask that you are protected before entering any busy locations.

Unplug - Try to take a break from electronics like your phone. Maybe you need to block or unfollow people. Notice how you feel when you watch certain videos or shows. Your energy is always on and not everyone deserves to be on the receiving side! Place crystals near your phone and bed while you sleep like shungite or selenite.

Protect your energy for empaths
"Don't entertain negative energy. Some situations will test your patience and try to overreact, overthink, and respond to things that don't deserve your life force. Your attention is your power. Don't feed what doesn't add value to your life. Protect your energy." ― Idil Ahmed
protect your vibes