5 Reasons Why Your Manifestations Are Not Working

by Kim Knesek

Why is my manifestation not working?

This is a blog post about why manifestation isn’t working out for you.

We’ll talk about the main reasons you can’t seem to manifest with the law of attraction and discuss some ways you can fix it.

Manifesting and the law of attraction can help you increase the positive flow of energy into your daily life.

Lots of people have had wild success creating even their wildest dreams, and you can too!

But sometimes the manifestation process doesn’t go as planned.

You can work on manifestation every day and still not quite create this amazing life everybody talks about.

First, are you intentionally or subconsciously blocking your manifestation?

Before you even start working with the law of attraction,  I encourage you to do a quick energy check and alignment to make sure you’re on the right track.

The reason for this is that if you’re out of alignment or have more negative thoughts than positive on the subject it will not work.

2- Be CLEAR  with your intentions You can’t want something that you don’t know what it is, so this is a big problem. The first step to solving any problem is being able to recognize there’s a problem. You might not even realize that the issue exists or you might think, “I think I know what I want but there are probably multiple things I’m interested in so I’ll just come up with a bunch of intentions and see which ones work.”

This would be a mistake. Be very clear about what you want. Don’t just want “to manifest more money.” Say I want to manifest $500. Don’t just want “I need more attention in my relationship.” Say “INSERT NAME will take me out on a romantic date.  Clarity with your intentions will take you so much farther when manifesting your desires.

  1. – Asking to much at once. You might be asking, “I want to start my own business.” “ I want a new boyfriend “ I want to go on a trip” ect. All these things are cool to manifest and you can have them all! But, work on one at a time. It’ll be less confusing for you and for the universe. One at a time will go much faster. Plus all to often as humans when we don’t get quick results we let fear and ego put doubt in our mind leading to another block!!!


  1. All talk and no action- The next reason manifesting isn’t working for you is because you are not taking inspired action to manifest your dream life. You can do all the manifestation techniques watch hours of “tik toks” but if you are not putting in the effort the universes will not be able to get it to you, Put in the effort, release the doubt,
  2. Release attachment – To often we do all the previously mentioned steps but keep saying things like “I hope” I really want, ect. Say it, feel good about it, release any blocks and doubts, be clear, and let it go. That attachment is like a little balloon worry string. It is still attached to you so the balloon can not float up to the universe to allow it to come to full fruition.


Start small if you need to build your confidence. A game I play with my kids sometimes is say we will find a great parking space if we are going somewhere and boom, we pull in and a car is leaving.  Ask for a sign such as feather, or song or word within 24 hours and release attachment, but pay attention to everything you’d be surprised in how it will show up!


Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.  I love to help people grow their mediation, gratitude and manifestation practice.

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