April Energy Theme

by Kim Knesek

Hey Everyone, we are off to a big start this April, next weeks eclipse is just a little taste of what is happening this month.  I am excited to offer a new monthly energy at a glace reading.  

Energy Reading for April 2024 you’ll receive:
the distinct energetic pathway you’re connecting with this month
guidance on how to nurture your next breakthrough
3 significant signs that you’re on the right path
April’s here, and with it comes enough agitation for new growth to rupture through the surface.
There’s something deep within you that’s trying to get your attention… and this month, you’ll be shown how to hold space for what needs your attention.
To assist you with this shift I’ve chosen 2 Tarot Cards, each with guidance and clarity on how you can align with April’s energy and turn frustration into understanding.
To figure out which card is calling to you, read through these simple instructions:
Say out loud or in your head, “I intend to receive guidance to assist me through the month ahead with as much ease as possible.”
Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, and exhale through your mouth for 6. (Maybe you repeat this and make an audible noise, really let it all out.)
Close your eyes, and when you open them, trust that the card you see first is the one for you.
Helpful tip: If you can’t decide between two, close your eyes and open them again, the one that’s meant for you has already left an imprint.
Re-read, come back throughout the month to gain the most of this reading.
Plus you’ll also receive a free printable Moon Phase Calendar for April 2024! Review your reading multiple times to get the most out of it.
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