Energy Update! What is in store this week?

by Kim Knesek

Week of Oct 16th- 

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The strength of your roots: Action

Now is time for action, let go of what is holding you back, let go of what is no longer serving you, let go of old wounds, old ways of thinking. Now is the time to release that from your energy. Maybe you have been nervous to move forward, change can be difficult but staying in this space is not good for you or your growth. Now is time for you to make the steps towards what brings you joy in life!!!

Your roots are grounded and stable.

Continue to dream of expanding your life, you can be certain that you have what it takes to support your vision. Allow insecurities and doubts to dissolve naturally.

How to grow deeper: The Unexpected

It’s okay that you have experienced pain, disappointment, anger.  You are human and all these emotions are okay to have. This is how you can grow deeper but releasing those and allowing for the unexpected to come into your life. Are there areas you want to make a change in? It’s good to wish and plan just allow room for the unexpected to shake up your path every now and again.  Trust in yourself a bit more. Step outside of your comfort zone to experience your vulnerability. Prove to yourself how courageous you really are.

How to expand higher:  Self Love

It’s time to let go and let be.  Start from within. Accept your beautiful body, even if it is not where you “want” it to be.  Accept that as we age things change, we are lucky to be growing older each day, week and year. Do not allow comparison to hold you back, do not let social media make you think you are not doing enough or are enough. I am here to tell you my friend, you are more than enough!!! Get to know  yourself well enough to stop the little voice in our heads when comparison creeps in, when doubt or not feeling good about ourselves. When we get comfortable with ourselves and our power, beauty and what we have to offer you are on a path of expansion that is good for you, but also for the next generation who see you doing the hard work to grow and change/challenge the past.  We can become whom we want to.