Even Psychics Don't Always Listen

by Kim Knesek

So I wanted to share a little personal experience with you all.  If you follow me you know I see, hear and feel information on my clients all the time.  I understand when at work it is for the client.  I accurately describe their private lives, physical pain, discuss childhood memories I see, or when I see things, they like to do, or plan on doing in the future.  I understand it is my job to be the middle person to communicate with them that spirit/source/Universe whatever you call it knows they are going through something.  I often hear see and feel things when in public and that can be daunting, so I do not actively try to pick up all the things!!! (So overwhelming sometimes) I often try not to when at events or parties to do that either so I can just be present and enjoy! 

I have heard you need castor oil.  You need a stomach wrap.  I looked them up on amazon a long time ago and never did much about it.  Last week a video popped up on one of my social media outlets about a castor oil wrap with Cyane pepper.  I thought wow I should try that.  Driving home on Sunday from our quick family weekend trip I heard "You need to order the castor oil and wrap" So at home I added to cart..... I did not hit order on Monday.  

Tuesday I had an episode of what happens time to time for me with cysts, and ovary pain.  I would not wish this on anyone.  So long story short I got home, found a local store that carried it and drove to buy it.  After wrapping my stomach, the pain did go away.   I tell you this because some people assume I know and listen to my guides 100% of the time.  While I wish this is true, I am still human and let things get in the way.  Just a little personal story I wanted to share with you all!!!! 

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