Reiki For Kids

by Kim Knesek

Reiki For Kids

Kids are pure, enthusiastic learners. They can be compared to a sponge, they follow by example, and pick up on energy of those around them and sometimes can take on to much even at a young age. 

Just like how they learn, kids are also quick to absorb energy. You might somehow wonder “Is it possible for kids to carry feelings related to stress and anxiety?” The answer is yes. In fact, kids as young as 6 months old show that they can take on the energy of their parents. 

As a Reiki Master I have had the privilege of providing sessions for my own children from the age of babies, to young children, and of course, I work with adolescents and adults even more on a regular basis.  Believe me a teen in this day and age could really benefit from sessions with me. 

We all know that energy is contagious.  So if you are getting reiki sessions regularly you might see an improvement in the energy in your home.  Maybe your child has some stress at school, sports or tends to be on the anxious side.  That is okay, but we have ways to help teach our children at a young age that they and their feelings matter, but more importantly how we can help them improve on any challenging emotion or situation. 

Since covid I have witnessed the effects of a strained environment not only on adults, but also kids and has really made my heart and soul want to help as many as I can through reiki healing. 

Could My Child Need Reiki? 

Reiki for kids is a gentle, complementary therapy, that promotes energy healing within the body on a holistic level. This kind of healing process is non-invasive and done in a manner that won’t scare or terrify kids.

In each session, I will talk about your child's chakras, & transfers positive energy from the Universe to the child, while removing or helping to unblock any trapped or stuck emotions.  With sound tools, and crystals your child will feel calm and relaxed.  Reiki is super beneficial for kids who may be having some physical, emotional stress. Below are some prime examples of who reiki is a good idea for 

Anxiety - If your child or one that you know shows agitation or anxiety of any form (separation anxiety, anxiety associated with trying new things, social anxiety), they might need some kind of reinforcement.

Restlessness - Often, kids showing restlessness are often labeled as misbehaved, when in fact, they could be struggling with energy and emotions and not understanding why they feel the way they do. If they are constantly exposed to a wired-up environment, they could bring this energy with them. 

Stressful Situations - If a child is exposed to challenging school settings, complicated family issues, or set-ups that are difficult to understand at a young age, their tendency to catch stress and negative energy is increased. 

 Okay so it sounds like this could help you or a child in your life but how? 

Kids typically are positive. They are full of innocence and excitement for life. By helping kids develop a healthy relationship with their feelings, emotions and releasing what is not theirs or no longer servicing them we are setting them up for an easier transition through all of life's stages.  Kids who have reiki and breathing techniques in their little emotional toolbox will be able to handle any adversity that comes their way in a more healthy manner than those who don't or haven't been taught or shown how to handle life's ups and downs.

Besides helping kids relax and balance their emotions, reiki therapy can help clear any energy that needs to be released.  

For older kids, it could be exhausting school work, expectations, or sudden life changes. One of the Reiki benefits for children is bringing back the optimum energy flow to your child’s system.

Reiki for children/young adults I do virtually and in office.  A 60 min session includes 30 minutes of reiki, meditation, and some affirmations and work on anything they have coming up.  

For younger children we can do 45 min sessions which includes all the above. 

So if you have not had reiki yet, you really should and if you have a child in your life who exhibits signs mentioned above, go ahead and give it a try.  You will both be pleased you did!