Rewrite Your Narrative With Journaling

by Kim Knesek

So often we grow up thinking or feeling one way or the other on love, family, friends, money.  Our beliefs, stories and memories often leave us feeling worthy or unworthy, deserving or undeserving. It is up to you know to change your narrative.  Maybe you spent a lot of time with people who saw the cup as half full or half empty. You either choose to feel the same or opposite.  What journaling and meditation and mindfulness all do is help you re-write the narrative of your thoughts.  



Journaling is a great practice as, writing help you to get to your deep mind and your subconscious

Exploring Your Money Story

Money can be a tough topic, especially for spiritually inclined people. Many people find it difficult to ask for money they are owed, to ask for a raise at work or to ask for people to pay you when starting out a new business. We can also feel ‘money shamed’ by the reactions of other people towards our status and beliefs around money and by others putting their money stories upon us. 

What is your earliest memory around money?

Your money story starts with your earliest memory around money. This memory often sets subconscious feelings around money that can have a huge impact on your ability to gain and enjoy financial abundance. 


Journal Opportunity.  How do you feel when people pay you a compliment ?


How do you feel when people offer to help you?


How do you feel if someone gives you a gift?


The answers to these questions can really give you an insight as to your subconscious feelings around money, love, deserving, worthiness.



Is there a memory where you were given money or denied money to spend on something you really wanted?

Did you hear arguments around money.


Think back and find some money memories and then write about it in as much detail as you can. 

What happened?

How did you feel?

What is the main theme of the money story here? 


Now think about how these feelings shaped your life? Did you continue the story? Did you try to change the narrative but keep coming back to  it?


This could give you some insight into your current thoughts, beliefs and habits.


It’s up to you to now change the narrative if you want to.



  1. Journaling

You can really get creative here and use your Manifestation or Gratitude journals as prompts or write letters to yourself. You can talk to yourself about how you see money, love, careers and journal about that.

  1. Affirmations

Affirmations teach your brain a new way of thinking, but you have to walk with your new self-talk and make the changes too. Write affirmations to help you change your money story and write and recite them to yourself daily

I see new ways to grow my wealth every day.

Money is a replenishable resource and is infinite.

I am eager about my future.

Things are just going my way

I am so blessed with this life

Universe I would like to gain more income

I am open to receiving loving relationships

I am happy and fulfilled


I am always here if you need some help!

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Kimmie (Indigo Feather)