What is Your Shadow Element?

by Kim Knesek

Our zodiacs are broken down to fit us into 4 different elements, it is said that these four elements make up this physical plane. (We also believe their is a 5th element which is spirit) For this blogs purpose we will focus on these four elements and take a closer look at each's shadow side. 

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - Shadow = Darkness 
Fire signs not only produce heat but also radiating light, therefore fire represents life itself and light equals existence.  These signs must learn to be okay with both sides, the light and the dark.  Almost in the perfect alchemy like eclipse energy. Darkness to a Fire sign is the fear of non-existence. This causes anxiety, or adding to their fiery nature. Do not fear your less than perfect side, instead live with it, balance it. A candle produces both light and shadow in it and so can you! 

Fire Signs

Earth Signs -Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn- Shadow = Chaos 
Earth signs rely on goals and structure. They want the best and do everything to achieve it. This brings up their shadow side of chaos.  They should learn to embrace their passions and not be afraid of going after something that might not be a "safe bet". Face your fear in the eye and do it anyway! 

Earth Signs


Air signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - Shadow = Oblivion 
Air symbolizes the fact that we all breathe and interact with it on a daily basis. Air is the intellect, logic, and our thoughts. What Air hints is that our thoughts, our memories, our experiences make us who we are.  Oblivion can help liberate these signs from releasing the past in order to grow and achieve more.  Learn to release and stop the pain, hurt of the past and start healing 

Air Signs

Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - Shadow = Void 
Water signs are based on emotions and empathy. This group relies on emotions and feelings which can be both amazing and cause suffering. This groups shadow is the void. The void of no reactions, no feelings where we can
 bring balance between the dramatic side of our feelings and our need for peace and thus will eventually aid us in gaining control over our feelings, empowering our potential.
Water Signs


Would you like to learn more about shadow sides? I have something in the works you may enjoy! Stay tuned !