What to Expect in a Tarot/Psychic Reading

by Kim Knesek

You may have seen a lot of tarot readers online, particularly social media that like to get hyper dramatic when they pull a card or deliver a message. Not only am I not that type of tarot reader, I would put money on them not being an authentic tarot reader in the first place. I want all new readers to do well, just be mindful of what "free" info you listen to online, if it feels right okay, if it makes you question anything, leave! I have a no nonsense approach that is honest and straightforward; I tell you what you need to know so that you can make the best decision for you. 

I provide open honest messages that give you validation and direction. I also believe fully in free will, will never tell a client what to do, and believe that a tarot readers job is to give the client the insight needed for them to make the decisions that are right for them, and to have full confidence in themselves while doing it. 

I will not ask you questions prior to beginning, during your session I may say "does that make sense" a yes or no is good enough. 

As much as you may want to give me the backstory as to why you booked the appointment, I don't want to cut into the time that we have together, and I find that I read the cards best and unbiasedly when I don't have all the details beforehand. If you want to focus on a particular area of your life like your work or family, then say just that. 

Tarot is intended to be a tool for you to have the insight needed to transform your life;

​It is common for clients to want to extend their session time to go further down the rabbit hole of insight, clarity and guidance. If you find yourself wanting more time, just let me know towards the end of your session when I begin wrapping up and I can check the schedule to see if that is possible. If there is time available, I will be happy to add on.  A full 12 card reading is 40 mins a 6 card reading will last about 20 mins. 
Sit with the info, make a plan and take action. A lot of clients like to take pictures of the cards and come back and see me in 6 months or so and like to see how the cards have changed! 
I offer in person, zoom and tarot parties! Feel free to reach out with any questions!