Why Book a Tarot Reading?

by Kim Knesek

Why Should I Get a Tarot Reading 

Why Get a Tarot Reading ?

There are many great reasons why you should get a tarot reading done by a professional reader. Below are a few reasons why you should go ahead and schedule with me today! 


  1. Curiosity. Maybe you have seen some online or your friends have gotten readings. Maybe you are skeptical how a stranger can really know you and I mean "really know you" The kind of thoughts you think, personality traits you think you hide, ect. If your reading is also with a psychic like me, they will likely already know the reason (including if you go in skeptic, put up a block or even if you will be late/cancel!)


  1. Tarot Cards are amazing for giving you support and guidance. Most of my clients say things like “how did you know that?” or “I literally was thinking that the other day” Cards come out and call you out on what is going on in your life. Truth be told, you probably are already aware of both the good and things that you need to work on that they call you out on. Now the reader can only offer you suggestions and guidance (and from me Spirit also chimes in ) it is up to you to do what you will with the info.

  2. Maybe you are just looking for some fun. I love doing group tarot parties, why not get together with some friends and hear what the cards/spirits have to say then all hang out with your favorite beverages and discuss and have fun! 


Now here is what not to do in a reading

  1. Ask about others. That is an invasion of privacy.  If the cards bring up a person (or person’s) I will discuss them and my impressions of them from the energy I sense and how they relate to your life. 

  2. Ask the reader to come back soon like next week! I tell clients you will know when to come back. Some clients come every 3, or 6 months. Some only see me once a year. That’s another sign of a good reader, repeat clients.  

Overall cards are going to give us a snapshot of what is going on in your life. It is ultimately up to you to make adjustments as needed to help manifest and create the life/outcome you want.  I am simply the middle person offering insight and guidance! I love to help my clients and often spend time after discussing way’s to make these improvements. I call it homework and again if you apply the info you will hopefully begin to see and feel the difference in your life!